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Traveling to Burma? Want to join our story-telling community?

It’s easy – no expertise required! Just share your personal experiences or observations with us.

Typically, you would collect such stories inside Burma or in places where Burmese refugees live. There’s no need to do any in-depth research for your story, simply provide accurate observations or stories with lots of details, which will be interesting to readers. Consider covering both the good and bad of what you saw. Another option would be to submit photos with short descriptions, rather than a full story.

You can submit one story or many, there’s no need to contribute regularly. Editing and/or translation of the story will be done by the project team.

Unfortunately, we are not able to pay travelers for their contributions. We can, however, offer the possibility of linking to the author’s website (although we reserve the right to decline linking to certain websites).

Please note that not all stories received will be posted. You can increase the likelihood of your story being posted by writing a piece that is an interesting and thought-provoking narrative, rather than just a straight description of what you did while you were traveling in Burma. And remember, the content should be relevant to responsible travel.

The only advertising on the website will be paid advertisements that help us cover costs.

All texts will by default be licensed as creative commons. Any special arrangements can be discussed directly with the project team.


What makes a good story?

While we cannot provide you with fail-safe instructions, here are some criteria that can serve as guidelines:

1. True

The story must be real.

2. Simple

The story must not have any extra, unnecessary information.

3. Concrete

The story must enable us to visualize the unknown.

4. Emotional

The story must be about people.

5. Unusual

The story must tell us about something we don't see every day.


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