EcoBurma - Reisen nach Birma / Myanmar

Empower People

Empower People

Empower locals in Burma to be equal partners and help them benefit from tourism.

Contribute Stories

Contribute Stories

Share your Burma travel stories and learn how locals see the same place with their eyes.

Own Your Choices

Own Your Choices

Make the best decision for you and Burma. Before, during and after your trip.

We use the power of stories to make the best of your trip to Burma. For you, and for the people of Burma. We try to achieve this by raising awareness among travelers and doing capacity building among Burmese locals.

Ready to Travel?

Dive into stories from Burma. Stories by travelers and locals alike.

Let's go.

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Authors of photos in slideshow: Karen Human Rights Group (landmine, children, porter), Zero X, juandesant, icons by Babasse.


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