EcoBurma is a non-profit project run by the Czech non-governmental organization Burma Center Prague that seeks to promote responsible travel to Burma through innovate awareness-raising and capacity-building. Encouraged by the NLD’s recent declaration in support of responsible tourism to Burma, we have developed the project based on our experience with awareness-raising about traveling to Burma.

Our Approach

  • Empower People: We want locals in Burma to have the capacity to identify issues related to tourism and the strength to defend their rights.
  • Contribute Stories: We want to change the way people travel to Burma by raising their awareness. We won’t achieve this through classroom lessons, but through stories from travelers and locals.
  • Own Your Choices: We want you to make an informed decision about your trip to Burma, in every detail. The choice is yours.

Why we started the project

The discussion as to whether foreigners should travel to Burma or not dates back to at least the 1990s. What triggered our latest activities related to the issue of traveling is not so much the 2010 elections that consolidated previous power structures under a democratic guise, but the growing understanding that tourism is a tool that, if properly deployed, can bring about change.

Most approaches to responsible travel focus on the “First World” side only, trying to change the behavior of tourists and the products offered by tour operators. We are following a different path by capitalizing on the fact that storytelling is a universal skill, as old as humankind, that forms the core of all cultures. To this we add a good portion of capacity building because we believe that the empowerment of the people in developing countries is crucial for them to be able to engage with us on the same level.


Our project is driven by the following objectives:

  1. Facilitate contact between locals and foreigners in a climate of mutual respect and willingness to learn about the other culture.
  2. Promote human rights, labor rights and environmental protection in the tourist industry, during both the establishment of the industry and its subsequent operation.
  3. Promote non-discrimination in regards to ethnicity, gender, religion, and social class.
  4. Promote transparent business and an equitable distribution of wealth.
  5. Promote the welfare, safety, and legal security of those Burmese who live in areas that are not accessible by tourists or who have had to emigrate.
  6. Promote a free press and a strong, independent and skilled civil society that is able to monitor and evaluate tourism to Burma and to defend the rights of the people.
  7. Promote awareness, both in Burma and abroad, about the situation in all parts of the country, the living conditions of Burmese refugees, and the impact of tourism.

Should you have any questions, please read our FAQ or contact us here.


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Digital Myanmar - logoThis project was devised and established from own sources by Christoph Amthor, a co-founder of Burma Center Prague. Many thanks go to my volunteering colleagues for translating and editing the pages and stories and for supporting the idea.

Since 2012, this website is part of the project “Indian Base for the Transformation of Burma”, funded by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I am obliged to the Fair Travel Association in Finland for the impulse and to the StoryTravelers for opening my eyes to innovative methods. I would also like to thank the authors who have contributed free stories and images.

This website was created with WordPress, using a premium theme and loads of – partly modified – plugins. I particularly appreciate the contribution of free and open source software to this project. Custom code is based on PHP and Javascript.

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