Clown doctors in Myanmar

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In Myanmar, a non-profit group named as clown doctor’s group was founded in February 2012. The purpose of this group is to cure the mind of child patients to be happy. At the present time, they perform their duties in Yangon Children General Hospital. So, they come to that hospital in every Saturday. And, they are planning to extend their program to other hospitals. Nowadays, this program is widely performed in many countries.

The word “clown” means that a person who performs funny acts. They try to remove the frightened minds of child patients and entertain them to be happy. They always bring laugh, smile and happiness for these children. They are also kind-hearted, patient, affectionate and hardworking. Whenever they come into the hospital, the whole surrounding of that hospital becomes alive with laughs. So, laugh can be called as the sign of these clown doctors. They usually bring so many presents for the children such as beautiful dolls, toys, balloons and so on.
The appearances of these clown doctors are so funny. They wear duty-coats and funny accessories on their bodies such as big noses, colorful ears, and cute glasses. They embellish their amusing faces by using various kinds of cosmetics. They usually tell jokes and stories to the child patients. Sometimes, they dance joyously in front of these child patients in order to relieve their diseases.

In fact, they are not doctors. They only cure the mental health of these patients whereas doctors cure the physical health. If child patients feel depressed about their diseases, they cannot be physically and mentally in good health. When they see these clown doctors, they get the feel of pleasure on their minds at that moment.

To become a good clown doctor, they need to be trained systematically. They need to learn how to create happiness when they meet with the children. Moreover, they also need to read so many worldwide books which explained about the abilities of clown doctors. The abilities of clown doctors are so interesting. They are happy, honest, simple, sound-minded and sweet-tempered.
This clown program was established in Myanmar by the Edward Wayne Jr, an American. He built a foundation for the children in Myanmar that is named as ‘The Bridge of Life’. This clown program is a part of his foundation. And, he started it with only five Myanmar people. That program aimed to relieve the stress of these child patients who need to take medical treatment in hospital. If child patients are afraid of their doctors and hospital, clown doctors will try to bring great happiness into their lives. Clown doctors can change the hospital into an enjoyable place on the minds of the children. This clown program is started not only for the children but also for their parents. Moreover, this program is also aimed for the tired doctors, nurses and employees.
The more I learn about the lives of clown doctors, the more I want to become a clown doctor. As for me, I want to choose my career as a clown doctor. I want to remove their frightened minds on the hospital and create the cheerful smiles on their faces. And, I want them to be happy when they need to take medical treatment on the hospital. I believe strongly that I will be so satisfied with great pleasure when I have a chance to cure the minds of these young children and their parents to be happy. On the other way, I want to help these young children as much as I can because they are the ones who will become good citizens as the brightest stars for my country in the future. Because of these reasons, I want to become a dutiful clown doctor for my beloved country, Myanmar.

Ma Wint Sandar Aung
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